INSPIRATIONAL MESSAGE: Moses Centered His Life on God’s Promises

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Gladys McElmoreBy Gladys McElmore

What great opportunity we encounter to study the life of a faithful man who has been highly respected by religious people worldwide. Who was Moses and how did God use him? God chose Moses to lead the Israelites from Egypt.

As an ordinary man, a shepherd in Midian, he eventually became a great leader after being compelled by God’s instructions. Let us read the suggested references and many more Bible verses for personal strength and to learn from some examples that show how Moses greatly relied upon God’s wisdom and not on his own understanding. Moses was without a doubt a faithful believer in God’s power to overcome an avalanche of problems during his senior years of life. Moses led the Israelites in a grand exodus from the Egyptians. He faced the king of Egypt requesting the freedom of the Israelites from slavery and announced the ten plaques upon Egypt when the king defied God. He was used in the parting of the Red Sea and God also used Moses to present the 10 Commandments to the Israelites at Mount Sinai.
    What are some most needed examples for us to learn from as we read about Moses? He faced ordinary daily problems and solved them successfully while listening to complaints from his travel team. We can learn much from his examples of faith in God. Personal sacrifices were made by Moses to adhere to God’s requests. Moses could have lived a life of luxury in Egypt with Pharaoh’s daughter, but he chose to live with God’s people (Hebrew 11:23-27).
With a steadfast mind, Moses left what was visible and followed our invisible God as he embraced faith. How did Moses employ his positive character traits as God used him? Moses was extremely patient and humble before God and man.
    Moses was not controlled by jealousy nor was he proud and puffed up about his authority so that God could not have used him. He was somewhat satisfied when God allowed other Israelites to work with him (Numbers 11:24-29). Read to learn how Moses worked with seventy elders who also received power from God. Moses was confident in his relationship with God. How did others perceive Moses? Did his work affect the Israelites? In Exodus 18, learn about his self-confidence as he was approached by Jethro, his concerned father-in-law to delegate some of the workload to other God-fearing men (Exodus 18:13-24). Jethro noticed all the stress involved in Moses’ life. Do we see familiar situations in this story? After reading Exodus 18, we can easily match Moses’ physical evaluations to modern day terms of POST TRAUMATIC STRESS SYNDROME! What does this story mean to us? We can ask God for wisdom to lead others to His truths as we too delegate some of our duties to other God-fearing people. Jethro’s help to Moses can teach us to plan our daily routine(s) when possible.
    God filled Moses with the spirit of wisdom that had not been witnessed in Israel before that time. Can we imagine a face to face encounter with God? We can certainly pass on these helpful facts with examples from Deuteronomy, Numbers and Exodus to others. The Lord sent Moses to do signs and wonders.
Most of the noteworthy events in Moses’ life occurred in his senior years from about age 80 to 120. Moses was used by God who never accepted his excuses (Exodus 3-4) for non-compliance as he was repeatedly called to perform tasks. Brainstorm about the lives of our modern-day religious leaders and recognize how God has used and is still using their talents and skills to accomplish great things! Should we rely on our own abilities or let humbleness before God surface as our first priority? Honor God and let Him exalt us in due time. With many compelling reasons to imitate the humble leadership traits of Moses, let us continue faithfully striving to meet God’s requirements!
    Mrs. Gladys McElmore, a resident  of Norfolk’s Middle Town Arch Community, is a New Journal and Guide Freelance Contributor on religion. She is a native of Essex County, Va.

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